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I live to discover and understand the world. Photography is a powerful way to tell stories with your own eyes. Since my childhood I have tried to pursue my passions. Give me a backpack, a camera and let me live my adventure.

I'm an Italian photographer, born in Rome in 1982, the city where I currently live and that is the base of each new mission of mine. I have been working in the IT sector for many years, which allows me to join the two worlds: a photography with a technical knowledge of computers. I have personally developed this website to create a showcase of my works.

I grew up as autodidact, having a field experience only, many Photos as well as months and months spent on traveling. I did a long overland trip with a truck from Cape Town to Istanbul: 5 months on the road with my camera and smiles of the people along the way. I love traveling, and I consider it to be the best way to discover the diversity and really understand this world. My photos have been published on various websites and in many magazines around the world. I am continuously growing as an artist and a traveler, always looking for a new destination or a new story to tell.

Usually I use Canon cameras and professional lenses to have the maximum shot quality. If you like any of my photos or if you have any specific request about using them please drop me an email. My artworks are available to print or publish in various formats and techniques.

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