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Failed Attack

Lion attack - Kenya

It's a dream of all wild Africa lovers to witness the attack of big cats. Action and spectacular views? What more can a photographer wish for?

Documentary - Kenya

I was in the Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya for 3 days safari. A breathtaking place offering an amazing spectacle of a famous migration of zebras and wildebeast every year, known as a Great Migration. In that very moment prides of lions and other big cats get prepared for the period of a constant fight...

Lioness - Kenya

In every angle of a dusty slopes, carcasses of wild animals ca be found but to witness the actual moment of a hunt is very rare. During our safari we found ourselves with 4x4 very close to the Mara river - famous for a magnificent view of wildebeast reaching the other shore during migration. Very soon we realized that we were not alone - a documentary group was lurking in numerous jeeps. I understood immediately that they were waiting for something... A moment later I was already talking with one of them and he revealed a secret.. they were waiting for the lioness who haven't had eaten for 4 days by then and had already failed 2 attacks. She was starving and they were sure that sooner or later she would try again. I found the best place to take some good shots, we stopped the car and were waiting for the lioness to make up her mind. After less than 30 minutes a pride of lions started the attack sensing the presence of small gazelles.

Lioness run - Kenya

The lioness attacks after slow and silent prologue, she suddenly snaps into the opened space, unfortunately for her without manifesting the speed and power needed to reach the closest animals. A herd alarmed by the presence of a hunter starts running away making sure that every maneuver to get closer to them would not be successfull. And also this time a starving lioness failed, surely taking a good lesson for the future.

Lion attack - Kenya

Photo tricks:

I have used this gears for photos and video:

- Canon 7D
- Canon EF 100-400 F4.5-5.6 L IS


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