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An interesting mixture of mountain, city and culture. Nested between Chinese and Indian power, Nepal has found it's meaningful place in hearts of backpackers. Favored by the Old Hippy, is still visited by a multitude of people from every corner of the planet - trekking and climbing enthusiasts who wish to face the highest peaks in the world, who want to experience the atmosphere of numerous Hindu and Buddhist temples scattered in the Kathmandu valley... and the capital, with its narrow alleys of Tamel.

Nepal, due to the geological structure, is the second country in the world in terms of water capacity, but unfortunately is not able to provide adequate infrastructures yet. The electricity comes and goes every day, never ending black-outs, roads in such a poor condition that it takes hours to move few miles ahead. But it's the breathtaking nature, original architecture, sacred places and the local population that make a difference! People - always smiling, always in a good mood with incomparable physical strength seem to be born to struggle in the mountains.

Nepal offers a multitude of activities to be carried out within it's borders. The most famous circuits are those of the Himalayan trekking and Annapurna. Right there one can organize a long, exhausting but unforgettable day of tracking in the nature to reach one of the base camps dedicated to climbing expeditions. According to the preparation and resistance you can opt even for one month walks! Along the path between dirt paths and stairs you come across villages where you are welcomed with a cup of tea or a plate of rice. The breathtaking views of the peaks even 8000 meters high frame incredible mountain trails, bright, green and rocky walls are cut by waterfalls coming from nowhere to disappear within valleys. August, the monsoon period, results in the incredible mix of rain and the sun bringing humidity, moisture and leeches on the ground. The sudden change of the weather is really impressing and sometimes you can find yourself at 3000m in a cloud full of lightnings and thunders with visibility reduced to a few meters ... A real delight for mountain lovers!

The city, even though always completely blocked by traffic jams, covered up by smog presents different yet interesting spirit - narrow streets full of small shops selling all kinds of local products, restaurants for all kinds of tastes and temples in-between brick houses still under construction. You are simply overwhelmed by a wide range of colors, smells, insignia of all sizes and shapes darkening the sky above your head.

From the photographic point of view Bhaktapur is the place where you can shoot endless portraits, curious and extremely friendly population never turn their back when face the camera objective. Another astonishing inspiration for a photographer are the temples in the valley, monks and believers united in prayer, places full of extraordinary architecture and symbols. And obviously the nature... during long walks in the mountain one can admire breathtaking views all the time, and if you catch a good weather, when the sky is fairly clean you can take some really good Time Lapse taking photos to clouds and stars...

I have used for this trip:

- Canon 7D
- Canon EF 24-105 F4 L IS USM
- Canon EF 100-400 F4.5-5.6 L IS
- Sigma 10-20 F4-5.6 DC HSM


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