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The best of my travels

Nine stunning images from my travels

Travelling is the best way to learn and understand the differences. These images are an history in the history. Every single trip of my life gave me something, but these nine photos are my favorite: are moments, are my eyes, are my freedom and are my special places.

1. Ngorongoro lights

Tanzania [Africa] - This shot was made in the Ngorongoro crater., one of the seven natural wonders of Africa. It was the very first day of my Dengue Fever, but I couldn't loose the opportunity to drive into the crater to enjoy these magnificent morning ligths

Ngorongoro lights

2. Finnish trail

Finland [Europe] - Driving for more than 10 hours on the ice was a funny yet very hard experience during my Scandinavian trip organize to hunt the Aurora Borealis down. In this shot, the essence of a truck movements on the ice.

Finnish trail

3. Dondra lighthouse

Sri Lanka [Asia] - The southernmost point of Sri Lanka. There is only the ocean separating this lighthouse from Antarctica. As for me, it is a really fascinating place where I used to sit down to contemplate in a total silence.

Dondra lighthouse

4. St. Peter and Paul

Russia [European part of the country] - Midnight's light over the Saint Peter and Paul Cathedral located in the fortress of Saint Petersburg. Photographed from the Neva river, during the festivity of the the city patron.

St. Peter and Paul

5. Fori Imperiali

Italy [Europe] - The day to remember for all citizens of the italian capital city. So rare that almost historical, so strange that almost funny and definitely fascinating! This is my hometown...

Fori Imperiali

6. Kathmandu monkey

Nepal [Asia] - Sometimes animals can express more than a human being. In Katmandu I have found a temple where a monkey is the one that rule and a human is only a guest worshiping the God.

Kathmandu monkey

7. Venice Grand Canal

Italy [Europe] - Venice it's absolutely the most romantic city I have ever seen. I have always felt a strong connection with this city as a part of my family comes right from there. But that's not the only reason.. Venice is a unique mixture of a mistery, history, art and architecure.

Venice Grand Canal

8. Masai Mara Elephants

kenya [Africa] - I absolutely love the Masai Mara experience, I love these elefants and i definitely love the place where we had a chance to visit, where the wilderness is the real life!

Masai Mara Elephants

9. The Photographer

Sudan [Africa] - 6 months on the road traveling through Africa, from Cape Town to Istanbul. How many sunsets and sunrises? How many different sky views painted by mother nature? This shot, it's a summary of my travel inspiration: breathing freedom in open lands, myself into the wild...

The Photographer